“UAW Strike Shakes the Auto Industry! What President Biden Just Revealed Will Shock You!”

UAW Strike Shakes the Auto Industry

UAW Strike On Friday, The United Auto Workers Union went on strike against the Big Three American automakers, and Vice President Biden expressed his support.

At the White House, Biden made a brief remark in which he stated, “I believe they deserve to secure record corporate profits, which they have, to be shared by the UAW through record contracts.” “Let me reiterate that. They should share their record corporate earnings with the UAW through record contracts.

On Friday morning, the United Auto Workers (UAW) went on strike in opposition to General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis. Three car facilities in Ohio, Missouri, and Michigan collectively employed about 13,000 workers who went on strike.

UAW Strike: Biden said profits should be shared with workers

Biden showed sympathy for the employees while recognizing their contribution to maintaining the sector during the COVID-19 outbreak and the economic downturn.He stated: “Workers are entitled to their fair share of the benefits they’ve helped create in an industry.”

Since Biden is known as the most pro-union president in history and his economic strategy is moving forward into 2024, this strike provides a political test for him.

According to analysts who spoke with ABC News previously, the strike may cost billions of dollars, disrupt supply networks, and have other detrimental financial impacts.

This past Friday, Biden remarked, “I hope that all parties can return to the negotiating table to reach a win-win agreement.”

Prior to this, Vice President Biden had predicted that the union would not go on strike. After spending Labor Day with workers in Philadelphia, he had previously told reporters that he wasn’t worried “unless there is a strike. I don’t think it will happen.

Biden spoke with UAW President Sean Feeney and executives from the car firms late into the night, just hours before the strike started at the stroke of midnight.

By 10 p.m., however, Feeney announced that the employees would be ready to strike if no compromise could be reached. Wage hikes and the duration of the workweek were major topics of contention in the negotiations.

Not all of the UAW’s more than 150,000 members are leaving their jobs at once, despite this. To target particular plants and prevent a general walkout, the union is employing a “stand-up” strike strategy.

According to Feeney, “This strategy will force companies to estimate.” “It will provide the biggest edge and leverage for our country’s negotiators. And we’ll continue if it’s necessary. Everything is up for discussion.

To assist parties in coming to a deal, President Biden is sending White House senior adviser Gene Sperling and Labor Secretary Julie Su to Detroit.

Biden emphasized, “The main thing is that auto workers who build America’s middle class, they are eligible for a contract that keeps them in the middle class.”

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