Trump Faces Legal Battles: Former President’s Courtroom Drama Unfolds

Trump Faces Legal Battles Former President In a significant development, a judge in New York has stated that the secret-money case against former President Donald will proceed according to the scheduled program, beginning on March 25th alongside the ongoing jury selection. Judge Juan Manuel Marchán announced on Thursday that after consulting with another judge regarding … Read more

Israel’s Military Discovery Beneath Gaza

Israel’s military claims to have discovered an extensive tunnel Israel’s Military claims to have discovered an extensive tunnel network beneath the Gaza headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), allegedly used by Hamas for exploitation. This discovery comes as a new piece of evidence amid escalating tensions in the region. According to … Read more

Hungary’s President Resigns Amid Public Outrage over Handling of Child Sexual Abuse Case

Hungary’s President Resigns Hungary’s president resigns on Saturday amidst public outcry over the pardon granted to a convicted individual in a child sexual abuse case, triggering an unprecedented political scandal for the long-serving nationalist government. 46-year-old Katalin Novak announced in a televised message that she would step down from the presidency, a position she has … Read more