“Heartfelt Search for Missing 9-Year-Old Girl in Upstate New York: How the Community Is Coming Together”

Heartfelt Search for Missing 9-Year-Old Girl

“It is believed that the search for the missing 9-year-old girl from Upstate New York is in its third day, as law enforcement continues its search, and the community comes together for support.

Charlotte Sena was last seen riding her bicycle at Moro Lake State Park, about 35 miles north of Albany, New York, where she was camping with her family. She was cycling around a loop at Buckskin Park with her friends when she decided to ride alone one more time.

Thirty minutes later, Charlotte’s mother, Trisha Sena, found her bicycle but not her daughter. She immediately called 911, triggering a massive search effort involving state police, park rangers, volunteers, dogs, drones, and helicopters.

On Sunday morning, the authorities issued an Amber Alert for Charlotte. The youngster was taken “under circumstances that lead police to believe that they are in imminent danger of serious harm and/or death,” the Amber Alert states.

Charlotte Sena, Credit:th.bing.com

Moro Lake State Park, where Charlotte was last seen, according to its website, will remain “closed until further notice.” The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation describes the 4,600-acre state park in Saratoga County as “mostly wild,” featuring dense forests, hemlock groves, and rocky mountains. The campground in the wooded area is known for its “serene and secluded” surroundings.

Charlotte, a fourth-grader, was last seen wearing an orange tie-dye Pokémon shirt, deep blue pants, black Crocs, and a gray bike helmet.

For Charlotte’s family, her disappearance has been a nightmare. According to her aunt Jane Sena, the previous few days have been like a “bad dream” for their family.

Since Saturday, Charlotte’s parents have been assisting the police with their search efforts at the search location. They are surrounded by friends and more than 30 family members, according to Jane Sena.

Her husband, Patrick Sena, a firefighter with the Schenectady Fire Department, has been searching for his niece along with other family members since Saturday night. He was on duty for a 24-hour shift on Saturday night and Sunday evening at the state park.

Jane Sena said, “My husband couldn’t make it this morning.”

Charlotte is the middle child among three girls. Her father, David Sena, is a union pipefitter, and her mother, Trisha, works as a food service inspector for Stewart’s Shops. The family resides in Greenfield, a town of approximately 8,200 residents in Saratoga County, New York.

Jane Sena described Charlotte as a kind, funny girl known for her dry humor and infectious smile. She said, “She’s a very sweet girl, a true favorite.”

Charlotte’s aunt urged the public to report any tips to the New York State Police. She said, “It is really important for people to stay vigilant, call with tips, and keep an eye out for anyone suspicious or matching the description of any person fitting her profile. It could be anywhere.”

Jane Sena said her family and friends will continue the search for Charlotte as long as it takes. “We just want this nightmare to end,” she said.”

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