“McCarthy Ousted as Speaker! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!”

McCarthy Ousted as Speaker

The United States House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to remove Kevin McCarthy from the Speaker’s position – a historic moment that threatens to plunge the House Republicans into disarray and turmoil.

Now, the House will need to hold a new election for a Speaker, but there is no clear consensus on who will have the necessary support to win. McCarthy’s political future is hanging in the balance, and it remains to be seen whether he will attempt to regain the Speakership. Never before has a Speaker been removed by passing a proposal to oust them.

Immediately after the vote, Patrick McHenry, a top ally of McCarthy, was appointed as the interim Speaker, and the House adjourned as Republicans wrestled with finding a way forward.

According to sources, there will be a conference meeting of House GOP on Tuesday evening. Sources also indicate that there is no expectation of a vote for Speaker on Tuesday night.

Just days after McCarthy completed a last-ditch, bipartisan attempt to avoid a government shutdown, the campaign for the Speakership represents a dramatic uptick in tension inside the House GOP conference, which has been bitterly split internally.

GOP Representative Matt Gaetz and a group of ardent conservatives, who have frequently argued with his leadership and obstructed the Speaker’s agenda, spearheaded the attempt to have the Speaker removed.

House Speaker Kevin speaks with reporters, Credit: © Provided by CNN

Eight Republicans voted to remove McCarthy from the Speaker’s position, with 216 votes in favor compared to 210 against. The Republicans who voted to remove McCarthy from the Speaker’s position were Gaetz, Arizona’s Andy Biggs, Colorado’s Ken Buck, Tennessee’s Tim Burchett, Virginia’s Bob Good, South Carolina’s Nancy Mace, and Montana’s Matt Rosendale.

McCarthy’s ally, Representative Kelly Armstrong, said that most Republicans in the House want McCarthy to continue as Speaker, and they are opposed to “scalping” him.

North Dakota Republican noted that ultimately it’s up to McCarthy whether he wants to move forward, and they will follow his lead.

Arkansas GOP Representative Steve Womack said that he would like to see He have another chance at the podium but questioned the wisdom of Republicans repeatedly nominating him for the position given the uncertainty of the conference.

House Democrats signaled before the vote that they would not bail McCarthy out.

However, there is significant mistrust and anger toward McCarthy within the House Democrats for his actions and the House GOP agenda during his Speakership.

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries wrote in a letter to his caucus before the vote that leadership has made a plan to vote in favor of removing him.

“Concluding the civil war in the House Republican Conference is now the responsibility of GOP members,” Jeffries wrote, pointing to the ongoing divisions within the GOP ranks.The House Democratic Leadership will vote in favor of the move to vacate the chair because they understand that House Republicans cannot be saved from the scourge of MAGA fanaticism.

Before the final vote, He told reporters that he was “confident that I will run for Speaker.” But he acknowledged that he had to navigate difficult circumstances leading up to the vote. When asked if it was possible, he responded, “If five Republicans vote with Democrats, yes.”

Sources said he is also told his members that he would not cut a deal with Democrats to keep him as Speaker. Sources said that McCarthy’s message was that he would not be seeking “any type of a deal.”

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