“Trump’s $250 Million Legal Showdown! Shocking Claims, Political Magic, and High-Stakes Drama Unveiled!”

The $250 million lawsuit trial for former president Donald Trump began on Monday in New York, and the outcome could have an impact on both his personal riches and the real estate empire that helped him win the presidency.

Trump has signaled his intent to participate in the case in its early days, where he, his sons Eric and Don Jr., and officials from the Trump Organization are accused of being involved in a decade-long scheme orchestrated by New York Attorney General Letitia James. They are accused of using “deceptive and improper statements” to inflate Trump’s net worth while reducing his tax liability.

Trump has denied all wrongdoing and his lawyers have portrayed him as a “master at finding value where others do not,” arguing that the alleged inflated valuations were a result of his business acumen.

The case was referred to by Trump as a “political witch hunt.”

Before entering the courtroom, the former president Trump talked to media outside the Lower Manhattan building and claimed that the investigation into the matter is a “political witch hunt” brought on by his participation in the presidential elections.

It was he who declared, “This is the biggest political witch hunt in history,” to the press gathering outside the courthouse.

He contended that the value of his assets considerably outweighs the accusations made by the Attorney General and that he is innocent of the charges.

Trump’s attorneys described the situation as “election interference.”

Members of Donald’s legal team referred to the allegations of fraud against him as “election interference” ahead of the trial in preliminary discussions with reporters outside the court.

They claimed that Democrats are using this case to hinder Donald’s attempts to regain the White House in 2024.

October 2, 9:43 AM Attorney General Arrives New York Attorney General Letitia James has arrived at the Lower Manhattan courthouse.

James, before entering the court, said to the cameras, “No matter how powerful you may be, no matter how much money you think you have, no one is above the law.”

She added, “Today, we will make our case in court. Justice will prevail.”

Upon her arrival, demonstrators outside the courthouse, from the courthouse to the streets, applauded in celebration.

October 2, 9:30 AM Trump Heading to Court Former President Donald is heading to the Lower Manhattan courthouse in a motorcade, where his fraud trial is set to begin this morning.

The trial is scheduled to begin with opening statements at 10 AM ET.

-John Santucci

October 2, 8:19 AM NY Attorney General Releases Statement Ahead of Trial New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a statement on Monday morning ahead of the first day of the trial in the fraud case against former President Donald Trump.

“For years, Donald has improperly exaggerated his net worth and used his business savvy to deceive and cheat the system,” James claimed. “We were successful in our endeavor. last week, proving that his alleged inflated valuations have been involved in long-standing and unbelievable fraud. In this country, the results of consistent fraud like this are unacceptable, and we are eager to demonstrate its full extent during the trial.”

She said, “No matter how rich or powerful you may be, in this country, there are not two sets of rules for people. It is my responsibility to ensure that the rule of law applies equally to all.”

October 2, 8:14 AM Trial Set to Begin at 10 AM ET New York State vs. Donald J. Trump, et al., is set to begin this morning at 10 AM with opening statements in Lower Manhattan.

If opening statements are completed before the end of the day, New York’s Attorney General has planned to start her case by calling Donald Bender, Trump’s former Mazars USA accountant, to the stand.

Mazars, during the course of the investigation, severed ties with the former president last year after the accounting firm’s auditors learned of his business relationship.

October 2, 7:55 AM Judge Already Found Trump Inflated Property Value Although Donald has denied all allegations brought against him by the Attorney General, Judge Arthur Engoron had already ruled in favor of the central allegation by the Attorney General in a pre-trial hearing last week. During a pre-trial hearing, the judge stated that A.G. provided “conclusive proof” that Trump had inflated the value of his properties from $812 million to $2.2 billion.

Following this, the judge canceled the Donald Organization’s business certificate in New York, effectively banning his from doing business in the state—a move Trump’s lawyers called “futile” and “outrageously biased.”

A rent-regulated apartment is worth the same as an unregulated apartment, restricted land is worth the same as uncontrolled land, and being prohibited from flying is equivalent in the world of lawsuits.to allowed to fly,” Engoron wrote, referencing several arguments made by the defense in their unsuccessful attempt to narrow the scope of the case. “That the Trump Organization should attempt to give more weight to a 10-page memo than to a century of precedent is an absurdity, in the Court’s view. Plaintiff’s argument carries the day.”

Issues still to be determined during the trial include: what additional penalties Trump may face, and what actions may be taken as part of the Attorney General’s case.

October 2, 8:26 AM Trump Attacks Judge Before Trial Former President Donald Trump escalated his attacks on the judge overseeing his case and the decisions he has made, posting on his Truth Social platform overnight that Judge Arthur Engoron should resign and face a “misuse of power” investigation.

Similar to his previous posts, Trump criticized the judge’s handling of allegations related to the value of his Mar-a-Lago estate, which his lawyers attempted unsuccessfully to limit during the case.

October 2, 7:20 AM Trump Says He’ll Be at Trial Opening Former President Trump posted on his Truth Social platform on Sunday night that he intends to be present at the opening of the trial.

He wrote in a post, “See you in court on Monday morning.”

Previously on Sunday, multiple sources familiar with the decision told ABC News that Trump is expected to be in attendance.

Trump will not have a role in court on Monday but is expected to return to court at the end of the state’s case when it is anticipated he will be called as a witness based on court records.”

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