“Breaking News: PM Modi’s Bold 2024 Vision Will Leave You Speechless!”

PM Modi’s Vision:

PM Modi said in laying out the groundwork for the next national elections next year, on Tuesday highlighted his approach of “performance, improvement, and change”. He claimed to have changed the prior “politics of instability.” He asserted his certainty that he would address the country on Independence Day from the Red Fort’s ramparts in 2024.

In his speech on July 4, Modi alluded to the people as his family and underlined the value of “family-led parties.” PM Modi stressed that “honesty, transparency, and impartiality” are communal duties by drawing comparisons between himself and the parties.

He asserted that the government’s policies and intentions should not be questioned. “I am here to seek your help. I have come to seek your blessings. Based on my understanding of this country, its needs, and my experiences, I can say that in this era of opportunity, as the nation celebrates 100 years of independence in 2024, we must take things seriously. We must be a developed nation. We cannot afford to step back or pause for even a minute, and for that, we need honesty, transparency, and impartiality. This should be our shared obligation,” he stated.

Highlighting the need for the country to combat the “three vices” of corruption, dynastic politics, and appeasement, he emphasized that social justice has been hindered and progress has been hampered.”Some distortions that have accumulated over the last 75 years have become a part of our society.” Sometimes we close our eyes to them. Now is not the time for that. If we want to realize our dreams and aspirations, we must abandon the game of hiding and seek, and look straight ahead. We must fight against these three vices,” he proclaimed.

Taking a stance against dynastic politics, he targeted opposition parties, especially the Congress, repeatedly. He accused them of promoting dynasty and preventing new talent from rising. This message also resonated with his party’s cadre.

Discussing systemic changes over the past nine years, such as eliminating ghost beneficiaries, PM Modi mentioned that corruption has negatively impacted India’s capabilities and the country should not tolerate corruption any longer. He claimed, “Fighting against corruption is PM Modi’s lifelong commitment…”

Fight Against Corruption:

The government’s fight against corruption includes digital payments, direct transfer of benefits to beneficiaries, and the closure of shell companies. Modi asserted that social justice and equality for all form the cornerstone of the BJP government’s policies. He criticized appeasement policies, claiming they have harmed the social justice system. “Appeasement has tarnished the national character,” he said.” It has assassinated social justice and is a foe to the nation and its growth.”

On the issue of demonstrations, Modi argued for re-election based on the government’s track record. He stated that his victory in 2014 was based on the promise of change and his victory in 2019 was based on his actions. “I came to you in 2014 with the promise of transformation. You placed your trust in me… The promise of improvement, performance, and change turned into trust. I have worked hard for the country with a nationalistic sentiment… In 2019, I received the mandate and your blessings based on my performance… The next five years are about unprecedented development. This is a golden moment to develop India by 2047.”

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