“Trump’s Epic Showdown: Defying Democrats, Fighting for America’s Future, and the Shocking Truth Revealed!”

Trump’s Epic Showdown Defying Democrats, Fighting for America’s Future

Former President Donald Trump requested action against the civil fraud case brought against him by New York State Attorney General Letitia James through the highest courts or federal system on Monday.

James filed a complaint last year saying that the Trump Organization, the former president, and his three adult children had misrepresented corporate assets to obtain tax and financial benefits. In June, following an appellate court decision, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump was removed from the list of defendants.

According to The New York Times, the hearing scheduled to begin on October 2nd was temporarily halted last week when Trump initiated a case against Justice Arthur Engoron of the New York State Supreme Court, who was presiding over the matter.

On Monday, Donald expressed his frustration towards Letitia James on his social media platform, Truth Social, saying, “I’ve been wrongfully sued by Democrat New York State Attorney General Letitia James with the fake claim that I’ve presented it with inflated financial details to get loans and more. Financial records with banks, etc.”

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“In the case, Judge Arthur F. Engoron refused to allow it to go to the ‘commercial division,’ where it belongs, because he is also beyond anti-Trump, someone who hates Trump more than A.G. James, who ran a vicious campaign against me with false and derogatory statements. They are false and defamatory,” He said while seeking help from the courts:

“This is a great company that has been disgraced and discredited by partisan investigations. It’s very inappropriate, and I will seek intervention from the highest courts in New York or federal system. This is not America!”

As part of Trump’s defense, his lawyers argued that the June ruling should effectively dismiss claims against him. James’ team argued that the central allegation in her case had very little bearing on His’s annual financial disclosures, where he reported his total assets at billions of dollars.

James’ office has described Trump’s case as frivolous and baseless, citing that it demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the June appellate court’s decision.

It is expected that Engoron will announce whether James’ claims can proceed by Tuesday. The New York Times was informed by a representative of the New York State court system that, following the ruling, it is anticipated that His appeal will be considered by the appellate court by Thursday.

Criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Jonathan Turley told Newsweek on Monday that while the appeal may cause delays in the case, Trump will need to consider other pending legal battles. The appeal might drag out the case, Turley warned. The problem is that Trump has a full dance card with criminal and civil cases. The change in the date of the case can collide with other pending cases.”

In addition to the civil case brought by James and other civil court cases, the former president faces 91 serious criminal allegations across four separate investigations.

Former President has consistently maintained his innocence and asserted that all of his legal issues are the result of an organized “witch hunt” by his political rivals.

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