“Shocking Poll Results: Trump Dominates Biden in 2024 Race! You Won’t Believe the Numbers!”

Trump Dominates Biden in 2024 Race

According to a new survey, former President Donald Trump is currently leading President Biden by 10 points among voters in the United States.
The Washington Post and ABC released a poll on Sunday, in which it was found that if the 2024 presidential election were held today, Trump would win over Biden by 52% to 42%. Concerns about Biden’s age, the state of the economy, and his handling of the issue at the US-Mexico border were raised by respondents.

The Post minimized the significance of their survey’s findings by pointing out that Trump had a much bigger lead than in other widely regarded polls that showed a closer race. They also emphasized the unique structure of alliances between Trump and Biden in this survey, suggesting that it may be an outlier.

Biden’s popularity rating currently stands at 37%, according to the survey, while his disapproval rating is at 56%. Nearly 60% of Democrats and Democrats leaning toward becoming Democrats said they would rather vote for a another candidate, which indicates that Biden is also experiencing a crisis of confidence among Democrats.

Critics have pointed to Biden’s age, his approach to managing the economy, and ongoing border issues as sources of concern for his administration.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s decision to initiate an impeachment inquiry received a positive response as well, with 58% of respondents saying that Biden should be held accountable under the law like any other president. Only 32% argued that he was being unfairly targeted.

Trump has also gained ground among young voters, with a 20% lead over Biden among voters aged 35 and under.

However, one of the most important aspects of Biden’s reelection campaign now revolves around his age. 70% of respondents said he is too old to hold office, compared to only 50% who said the same about Trump.

Biden, who is 80 years old, and Trump, who is 77 years old, are the two oldest candidates for the presidency of the United States at the moment. Biden will turn 82 before entering his second term if he wins.

The WAPO/ABC survey was conducted using a random sample of 1,006 American adults from September 15 to September 20, and it utilized both landline and cell phone contact. The margin of error for the poll is estimated to be 3.5%.

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