“Exclusive: Kamala Harris Spills the Beans on Biden’s Second Term Bid! Shocking Insights Revealed!”

Kamala Harris Spills the Beans on Biden’s Second Term

Vice President Kamala Harris told CBS News that she and President Biden will ensure a second term for the President amidst concerns from Republicans and some Democrats about his age. Harris, who is 58 years old, and Biden, who is 82, are seeking reelection just before the next year’s election. Harris said, “We will win again. The American people are aware that there is a lot at risk.

Harris continued that she is prepared to serve as Commander in Chief in the event that it becomes necessary, but she thinks Biden is “getting better.” She remarked, “I work with him every day.” “What our government has accomplished is revolutionary under Biden’s leadership. I think the American people, most of all, want a leader who can truly get things done.”

On her third journey to Southeast Asia in her role as vice president, Harris spoke to CBS News in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she was attending a meeting of Southeast Asian countries. In response to a question about why she has spent so much time in that region, Harris emphasized the significance of the South China Sea to global supply networks.

She said, “One-third of global trade goes through those seas.” “It’s a significant chokepoint.” “If it’s not secure, if it’s not open, if there’s not freedom of navigation, and if maritime laws are not enforced, what does that mean in terms of disruptions in the supply chain, and how does that relate to the average American being able to get what they need every day

Harris also warned that holding talks with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin to potentially provide arms support for the ongoing war in Ukraine would be “a big mistake

She said, “The idea that they would provide arms to that side is a big mistake.” “I also firmly believe that for both Russia and North Korea, it will further isolate them.” “It’s very clear that Russia is quite desperate. They’ve already experienced strategic failure.”

Referring to the conflict in Ukraine, Harris said, “Just think about this. At the beginning of this, some pundits were saying it would be over in a matter of days.” “Okay, the Ukrainians are still fighting.”

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