“Hunter Biden Shocker: Explosive Revelation in Biden Family Investigation!”

The concern arising from the investigation of Hunter Biden is whether President Joe Biden has engaged in any unethical activities or committed any crimes himself.

The Justice Department and Congress, led by Republican members, are facing the task of examining a supposed criminal scheme involving the President’s son and the former Vice President. Additionally, amid the heat of it all, a separate charge related to gun allegations was brought after his unsuccessful plea on the two tax charges earlier.

According to a recent survey by the Associated Press-NORC Research Center, it is revealed that 35% of American adults believe that the President has done something unlawful, while 33% think that Biden has done something unethical but not illegal.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) are leading the investigation into Hunter Biden, who was trying to connect his business to the Ukrainian energy board while serving as Vice President alongside his father.

Hunter Biden was also accused by special counsel David Weiss regarding the purchase of a gun in October 2018. Weiss alleged that he violated orders against the use of the addictive drugs by gun owners. This month, Hunter has requested not to be found guilty in all three cases filed against him.

When the party lines are drawn, only 8% of Democrats believe that the President is guilty of any wrongdoing related to his son’s activities, while 38% of Independents fall into that category. As expected, this rate has increased among Republicans, with 65% believing that Biden has done something illegal regarding Hunter’s affairs.

Last month, Republicans initiated an impeachment investigation against Biden, and shortly after, they held their first hearing to review legal questions involved in the case. GOP members are scrutinizing Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, but the lack of evidence of impeachable offenses could hinder this process.

Americans, by and large, haven’t strongly supported the impeachment investigation against Biden, with 39% rejecting it and 33% endorsing it. When it comes to party division, 67% of Republicans approve of the impeachment inquiry, while only 7% of Democrats are in agreement, and 38% of Independents report similar sentiments.

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