Trump Supporters Among Truck Drivers Boycott New York City in Protest

Truck Drivers Boycott New York City in Protest

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters within the truck driving community have announced their decision not to visit New York City to express their disappointment over the civil fraud ruling, which imposed a penalty of over 0 million on Trump.

All this comes in response to Trump being banned from operating his business in New York City for three years and being held liable for more than 0 million in damages in civil fraud cases brought by the New York Attorney General against him, his family, and the Trump Organization.

Following the announcement of the civil fraud ruling, “Chicago Ray” used social media to mobilize
“Truckers for Trump”.

Letitia James. Justice Arthur Engoron of New York began a month-long trial in October, and after James’ cases, delivered his verdict on Friday, alleging former President of increasing his wealth and committing fraud.

As a result, many Trump supporter truck drivers boycott across the country have not taken the ruling lightly. Trump has been barred from running his business and ordered to pay over 0 million in the New York civil fraud case.

A truck driver known as “Chicago Ray” previously wrote on Twitter, “I am one of the millions of truck drivers who believe in God and love this country.”

He wrote, “I stand with Trump because Trump stands with me. Being a truck driver for Trump is not just a slogan, it’s real.” When the verdict was announced on February 16, Chicago Ray took a step back on X and urged fellow truck drivers to boycott taking shipments to New York City.

Ray wrote, “I have been talking to drivers on the radio for the past hour, and I have spoken to about 10 drivers.” “I don’t know how far this will go across the country or how many truck drivers will start refusing shipments to New York City, but let me tell you – you turn around and find out,” he said.

Issuing a warning, the truck driver said Trump should not be left alone and the investigation against him by the New York City fraud should be considered “electoral interference.”

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