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Introduction: In their preseason friendly match, Manchester United and RC Lens are expected to face off at Old Trafford with a lot of energy and excitement. The club has one more friendly match against Wolverhampton Wanderers before the start of the season after returning from their trip to the United States. The focus will be on evaluating their preseason performance following their matchup with Lens tomorrow afternoon in Dublin.

Impact of Casemiro on Manchester Unitedf and RC Lens:

Casemiro has shown superb footwork and immaculate execution on the field, making him a standout. His abilities have made a big difference in the team’s performance, producing some important stops in games.

Performance of Antony:

By scoring a goal within the opening ten minutes of the first half, Antony showed amazing promise and tenacity. He was musical and animated.

Contribution of Rashford :

Rashford’s prior performances have brought a lot of attention to bear on him, and he made a significant comeback to the starting XI. He has demonstrated his skills despite a few wasted chances, particularly with a key goal from a set-piece.

Academy Players’ Participation:

During the preseason, a number of academy players made appearances on the pitch to demonstrate their abilities and make the most of their opportunity.

Managerial decisions and fitness’ effects The team’s level of fitness and Erik ten Hag’s coaching decisions are of the utmost importance throughout these early games. Yesterday, during their matchup with Borussia Dortmund.

Definite lineups:

Right to left, Man United (4-3-3): 24-Onana (GK) — 20-Dalot, 19-Varane, 8-Fernandes, 21-Antony (Forson, 80), 10-Rashford, 49-Garnacho (Sancho, 63), 6-Martinez, 23-Shaw, 7-Mount, 6-Fernandes, 21-Antony (Forson, 80),

The following players make up the lens (3-4-3): Samba (GK), Medina, Danso, Gradit (Khusanov, 85), Frankowski (Shishuba, 85), Diouf (El Aynaoui, 85), Samed (Spierings, 70), Machado (Costa, 70), Fulgini (Haidara, 70), Sotoca (Cortes, 85), and Thomasson (Guilavogui, 70).


As we evaluate the players’ performances, it becomes clear that certain players have excelled with noteworthy performances, while others may need to improve their consistency. The team’s development and the coaching staff’s strategies will be closely monitored throughout the next games against Wolverhampton and the season opener.

The player rankings listed here are based on their preseason performances and are subject to change throughout the course of the regular season

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