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Who is next Speaker

After removing Representative Kevin McCarthy from the House, several Republican lawmakers are now in search of the next Speaker. It is expected that voting will take place as soon as possible in the coming week.

To secure support, the Speaker candidate will focus on strengthening border security, advancing the investigation into the Biden family’s financial misconduct, and showing commitment to GOP priorities such as cutting government spending. They will also need to balance the situation with Ukraine aid and compete with the opposition party.

The next Speaker will have to hit the ground running in the office. Recently, Congress managed to avert a government shutdown by passing a short-term spending patch in mid-November with bipartisan support.

Who Will Be the Next Speaker of the House? An Overview of the Race to Date

Here are some Republican figures who are making strides in this race:

Steve Scalise (R., LA): Representing the coastal districts, including New Orleans, he has been considered a mainstream Republican who has built good relationships with members of varying perspectives within the party.

Jim Jordan (R., OH): Representing the northern suburbs of Columbus, he has worked to advance policies on the conservative end of the spectrum and is known to be close to former President Donald Trump.

Kevin Hern (R., OK): Representing Tulsa and its suburbs, he leads the Republican Study Committee, a broad group of conservative members who focus on issues like defense, the economy, and fiscal responsibility. Hern has not officially announced his candidacy but has indicated his plans to run.

Some House conservatives have even discussed the idea of nominating former President Donald Trump as Speaker, although Trump has shown little interest as he is currently focused on a potential White House run. Nevertheless, he has posted a picture on social media playfully holding the Speaker’s gavel.

It’s worth noting that being an elected member is not a requirement for the Speaker, although current rules may prevent Trump from serving due to his recent legal issues. Trump’s ally, however, mentioned that he is on good terms with Jordan.

The Speaker position doesn’t necessarily have to be filled by an elected member, though current rules may prevent Trump from serving due to recent legal issues. Still, Trump’s ally mentioned that he has a good relationship with Jordan.

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