“Mind-Blowing Moon Discovery: Why Earth’s Days Are Getting Longer!”

Mind-Blowing Moon Discovery

The Moon is a constant in the night sky, yet things aren’t always what they appear. Everything we thought we knew about. Our planet’s only natural satellite, is altering as a result of scientists’ recent discovery that it is slowly relocating away from Earth.

The number of our days spent on Earth is also being significantly impacted by this, albeit at an incredibly slow rate. The average length of a day is lengthening over the course of millions of years as the moon recedes from Earth.

In order to evaluate Earth’s prehistoric dialogues with the moon, dating back 1.4 billion years, a team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison concentrated their investigation on rocks that are 90 million years old.

It is moving away from Earth at a rate of 3.82 centimeters per year, according to this data. A day on Earth will therefore eventually last 25 hours in 200 million years as a result of this. According to University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of geoscience Stephen Meyers, “As it moves away, Earth is like a figure skater spinning slower as she extends her arms.”

One of our goals was to use astronomical calendars to tell time in the distant past, he continues. Similar to what the Chinese space program has done, we want to be able to analyze those billions of year-old rocks in order to throw light on the structures that can assist us in putting together the moon’s early past.

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