“Shocking $100 Billion Aid Package Sparks International Outrage!”

$100 Billion Aid International Aid Package

White House officials are considering seeking a support package from Congress primarily to support Ukraine and Israel, with a potential cost of up to 100 billion dollars Aid. However, these initial estimates might change as the plan is still in the works, according to four individuals with knowledge of the matter.

In discussions with congressional staffers, Biden’s allies have explored proposing a major foreign policy package this week that addresses several international crises, including the conflict between Hamas and Israel. They have also discussed including sufficient funding in the law to strengthen the U.S. pivot to Mexico on the southern border, and potentially providing funding for Taiwan to deter aggression from China. Funding may also be included in the law for responding to recent natural disasters in the United States, such as wildfires in Maui and various hurricanes.

For the Gaza hospital attack, Israel and Palestinian officials have been held responsible.

Supporters emphasized that the plans were highly uncertain and subject to change. President Biden had initially proposed around 20.4 billion dollars in funding for Ukraine, but in November, Congress blocked any additional funds for Ukraine.

Senator Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) commented on the proposed aid package, saying, “This will be a strong statement for our enemies and friends alike.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity to describe private negotiations, one person said the request would cover the entire fiscal year and is intended to address those crises for which solutions are planned.

Democratic leaders have said they hope to receive the package at the end of this week.

“We plan to receive the package at the end of this week, and it will include Israel’s necessary political and intelligence assistance, as well as its necessary military assistance,” in addition to humanitarian aid to reduce the human toll on innocent Palestinian and Israeli lives,” Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schemer (D-N.Y.) told reporters.

This effort comes as House Republicans are struggling to elect a new speaker, which could complicate efforts to quickly pass any bills. House Republicans have become more cautious about providing funding to creditors, but it is more likely to happen if the request includes funding for the border and Israel.

Bloomberg had first reported that White House officials were considering a request for 100 billion dollars in the aid package. The amount of money that would be allocated to each nation was uncertain.

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