“Alex Mealer’s Shocking Election Lawsuit Drop: The Truth Revealed! 🤯”

Alex Mealer’s Shocking Election Lawsuit Drop

Alexandra Del Moral Mealer, a former Republican challenger to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo who lost by more than 18,000 votes in the November election, abandoned her complaint, according to court documents submitted on Thursday.

One of 22 instances of a similar nature submitted by GOP candidates in Harris County, Mealer’s complaint was filed on January 6th. Miller gave an explanation for her selection in a statement on Thursday.

“My goal in contesting the election wasn’t to restore my own reputation, but to ensure that future contests are impartial and fair to all voters and candidates,” the candidate stated. I made an effort to shine a light on all the information and documents pertaining to the election in November 2022 to achieve this. Miller stated that she intends to push for revisions to the Texas election code addressing data accessibility for the general public.

Former Republican Harris County Judge candidate Alex Mealer withdraws. credit: external-proview.redd.it

Mealer’s case, according to Harris County Attorney Christian Manefee, was a “waste of time and resources.” “She didn’t win the election, and she wasn’t even competitive in the election, yet she continued to push the principles of a conspiracy in an effort to undermine the will of the voters,” Manefee said in a statement on Thursday. Now is the time for other defeated Republican candidates to give up as well.

Mealer’s case hinged on the assertion that thousands of voters were denied the right to vote on Election Day as a result of paper shortages at some polling locations. Later, she claimed that thousands of ballots were incorrectly counted.

According to a Chronicle investigation, over 20 Harris County voting places ran out of paper, some for as long as three hours and others for as little as 15 minutes. Voters in Harris County are able to visit any of the 782 available locations on Election Day thanks to the county’s “vote anywhere” system.

Consider the paper trail: Republican leaders have alleged that Harris County’s paper shortage was deliberate. The data appear to back up such assertion.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, owner of Gallery Furniture and a supporter of Miller, started a website in February with the intention of gathering information from disenfranchised voters who were unable to cast their ballots because of election-related problems.

In a statement sent to the court last month, Miller’s former counsel, Elizabeth Alvarez, stated that she did not agree with Miller’s most recent allegations of voter fraud. Miller denied that her claims had anything to do with voter fraud.

Neal Manne, the attorney for Hidalgo, slammed Miller on Thursday for making accusations but failing to name even one voter who was unable to cast a ballot. “When she filed this case, it was frivolous, and tonight she has wasted a great deal of the county’s and the court’s time finally admitting that she had no evidence to support her absurd claims,” said Manne.

Manne added that Hidalgo is represented by his company at no cost.

We will continue to offer free representation to additional candidates who are contesting elections that are purely political gimmicks, according to Manne.

Sartaj Bal, a different GOP candidate, also dropped his lawsuit on Thursday. Erin Lansford, who lost the election to Tamika Craft, the current 189th District Judge, by a margin of 2,743 votes, went through a hearing last month. Prior to filing a complaint, the hearing request had been addressed to party leadership.

Craft stated, “Again, at this time, we have zero admissible evidence, and in my opinion, until we do this – if we ever do – this game is over.”

Eight days after Miller publicly attacked Hidalgo’s management of her medical leave for clinical depression, the decision was made to dismiss the complaint. Employees of Hidalgo referred to the remarks as “irresponsible” and later said that Hidalgo intended to resume operations on October 2.

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