“The $6 Billion Deal Unveiled! What the Biden Administration Won’t Tell You About Iran, Hamas, and Israel!”

“Iran’s $6 Billion Controversy: Unmasking the Secrets Behind the Biden Administration’s Deal with Hamas and Its Impact on Israel!”

In light of the Gaza-Israeli conflict, the Biden administration’s decision to release $6 billion in Iranian assets has come under fire. credit: © Photo by Probst/ullstein bild via Getty Images,Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

After Iran-backed Hamas initiated deadly attacks against Israel, President Biden has freed up the previously frozen billion in assets. On Saturday, thousands of rockets were launched into Israel, and dozens of fighters infiltrated the border. Israel responded immediately with military action, resulting in over 1,100 casualties and thousands wounded. The number of Israeli civilians and soldiers taken captive remains unknown.

Critics from the Republican camp have pointed out that this unfrozen Iranian property, totaling billions of dollars, indirectly supports terrorism. Fox News host Joy Jones commented on Sunday’s “The Big Weekend Show,” stating, “This billion is not being used to fund this aggressive campaign by Hamas. It’s a gesture from our administration to Iran, giving Iran the freedom to act as they please.”

With at least 1,100 casualties following Hamas terrorists’ major attack, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared a “war.” Co-host Lisa Booth said, “Anthony Blinken said today on ‘Meet The Press’ that ‘Oh yes, they always spend their money on terrorism.’ So why would we support them in the first place? Why unfreeze the money? Why negotiate again with the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism? This is foolish policy, and it’s wrong.”

Members of the Biden administration have consistently emphasized that the billion can only be used for humanitarian purposes and won’t be spent on these attacks. However, some argue that money is fungible and could be redirected elsewhere.

Republican senators criticized Biden’s billion deal with Iran, showing support for Israel and condemning the deal. Fox Business reporter Lauren Simoneau commented, “It’s more than billion. It’s a fact that we weren’t imposing sanctions. It’s a policy of appeasement. It weakens America on the world stage, and when we don’t fill that power vacuum, bad actors come in and fill it for us. This is happening in the Middle East and other parts of the world.”

Jones continued, “Billion has also been issued to release prisoners. Well, they have captives now. What are they going to do?”

The administration has not yet released the names of Americans killed, and the possibility of more American citizens being held captive in Gaza has been acknowledged.

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