FIFA suspends Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales over conduct, unwanted kiss

FIFA suspends Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales

The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, was suspended by FIFA on Saturday. A committee is looking into his actions at the Women’s World Cup final, including a time when he kissed a player on the cheek.

In a Friday night emergency meeting, Rubiales had resisted offering his resignation. He was expected to resign because of the strong pressure from the Spanish government, footballers, clubs, and officials.

Spain defeated England 1-0 to claim the World Cup. The group issued a statement that read, “FIFA reiterates its full commitment to respecting the integrity of all individuals and, therefore, strongly condemns any behavior to the contrary.”

Additionally, Jennifer Hermoso, a player who Luis Rubiales kissed without her consent or via a third party, has been barred from communicating with him. He was stripped of his football responsibilities on Thursday for a period of 90 days while “disciplinary proceedings” were starting.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has ruled that it “won’t be providing any further information on these disciplinary proceedings until its final decision has been made,” according to FIFA. The event sparked great resentment among athletes, who also denounced Luis Rubiales’ actions.

Spain defeated England 1-0 to claim the World Cup. I support the Spanish players and @Jennihermoso. The World Cup victory should have been one of these players’ proudest moments, but it has been marred by the Spanish Federation’s incompetence and misogyny, as was tweeted Alex Morgan, a US football player.

The Spanish national team’s players passionately and unequivocally condemned actions that degrade women’s dignity in a united statement. In response, they stated, “Considering the statements made by the President of RFEF, Jennifer Hermoso wants to emphasize that she did not give her consent to Mr. Luis Manuel Rubiales Bejar for the kiss during the World Cup final.” No woman should ever mistrust her own judgment in such delicate circumstances, especially when there is clear-cut video that is seen by people all over the world, and she should never engage in extramarital affairs.

The athletes also emphasized their desire for public leaders to take decisive action to prevent these actions from being excused. “I want to make it clear that, as can be seen in the video, I never agreed to his kiss, and I most definitely never intended to hoist the President into the air. In a statement, Hermoso stated, “I cannot stand for my words to be questioned or, even worse, for phrases to be invented that I never spoke.

“We call on FIFA to establish quantifiable criteria and carry out crucial procedures to safeguard the rights of our players,” she continued. It is crucial that the representation of our national team upholds values of respect and equality in all spheres.

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